Hello! My name is Terry Hopkins, and I'm a photographer and cinematographer. I love taking photographs and have since high school. Shooting video and making short cinematic movies are also passions of mine. Most weekends you can find me jumping out of airplanes taking photos and shooting videos of people making their fist skydive.

People make the most interesting subjects, and that's why I like shooting portraits and what I call Lifestyle Photography, which is taking photos of you doing what you love to do, whether it's hanging out at your favorite coffee shop or walking up and down the beach.

Another type of photography I enjoy is landscapes. I hike a lot and I always have a camera with me, if not two or three. Being outdoors is so much better than indoors, and finding that beautiful scene that just begs to be photographed is what it's all about.

Terry Hopkins
1855 East Main St.
Suite 14-371
Spartanburg, SC 29307